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Fed Up with Organic Social Media? Try These Smart Tips to Increase Engagement

Fed up with your social media efforts not generating the engagement you want?  Feeling like you're putting in all the hard work for nothing?  It might be time to try something new.  Read on about how to increase engagement and get your social media on track the smart way! Have a clear goal Make sure you have a clear goal in mind before you start posting content on social media.   All your social media efforts should be working towards achieving that goal.  If ...

How to Run Social Media the Right Way

You might be doing social media all wrong! There is a right way and a wrong way to run social media for your business. The wrong way can lead to wasted time and money, and no sales. The right way will help you generate leads and sales in abundance.

Building A LinkedIn Profile For Business Success - SEO Matters!

You might think LinkedIn is just for networking, but you’re wrong. LinkedIn can also be a powerful tool for marketing your business, driving lead generation and sales. To make the most of LinkedIn, it’s important to understand how to optimise your profile for success and SEO is a big part of this 👌

How to get more followers for your LinkedIn page

LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform for businesses. It allows you to connect with potential customers and partners, and build your brand. Increasing the total follower number on your company page can lead to greater organic reach, more brand awareness, improved search engine optimisation, and increased sales. Here are a few tips on how to get more followers for your LinkedIn page. Step One: Create a page  If you don't have one already, create a LinkedIn page for your business. On ...

How to Stop Wasting Time on LinkedIn and Start Generating Leads

Are you spending too much time on LinkedIn without seeing the results you need, i.e sales and leads? It's easy to get lost in the endless posts, updates, and connections on LinkedIn. However, if you're using it correctly, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for generating leads and growing your business. Below are some common mistakes business owners make when using LinkedIn and I include tips on how to avoid them:  Mistake 1 - Being Logged In All Day Every Day Do you tend to spend 24/7 ...

How to Use LinkedIn Creator Mode to Win More Customers

LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform for social selling. In recent months, LinkedIn has added features that make it an even more valuable tool for business owners and professionals. “Creator Mode” might just be the key to building your business and becoming recognised as an authority in your space. What is LinkedIn creator mode and how can it help me grow my business? LinkedIn creator mode is a profile setting on your LinkedIn profile that can help you grow your ...

LinkedIn: Who to Connect With and Why?

Did you know that there are over 750 million users on LinkedIn? That’s a lot of potential customers and business partners waiting to be connected with! LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for business owners when it comes to social selling and social media marketing. However, it is important to connect with the right people on LinkedIn in order to maximise your results. In this blog post, I will discuss who you should connect with on LinkedIn and why. I will also provide some tips on how to ...

Want to Hire a Social Media Consultant? Consider These Points First!

If you're thinking of hiring a social media consultant, it's important to do your research first. A great social media consultant can help your business reach new heights, but the wrong one can be a complete waste of time and money. So, before you make the decision to hire someone, here are a few things to consider… What Is A Social Media Consultant? The role of a social media consultant is probably not what you think it is!  Contrary to popular belief, social media consultants are not just ...


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